Steady Legend was founded in 2011 by multi-instrumentalist Michael Mancuso. Originally from North Carolina, Mancuso began his musical career as a trombone player, touring the Southeast with various acts.  He attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville studying music, where he honed his skills on bass, guitar, drums, and piano.  After graduation, he moved to Austin to create a band that could perform a diverse mix of styles, blended together into a fun, dance-friendly show.

The band has undergone several transformations over the years, beginning primarily as a ska and reggae band before transitioning to a soul, funk, and rock outfit. Mancuso remains as the sole original member and continues his role as band leader and primary songwriter. The group's sound is defined by their horn section, with Mancuso meticulously composing and arranging the horn parts.

Vocalist Analysa Gonzales joined the group in 2016. Originally from San Antonio, Gonzales honed her vocal skills singing in the church along side some of the top gospel musicians in her town. She brings a sultry, soulful style to Steady Legend. 

Steady Legend performs original and cover songs, featuring enough material to fill an entire evening with live music. Covers range in style from 60s and 70s soul music to contemporary hits. When Steady Legend takes the stage, you hear a diverse mix of styles aimed to please a wide variety of people, keeping the vibe upbeat and positive. Steady Legend has regularly placed on the Austin Chronicle's "Best Performing Bands" list, winning 3rd in 2016. The band is perfect for any private event, wedding, or even a pool party!